March Madness!

Today is the day I take a monumental step...I am losing my blog virginity. For three years I've talked about blogging. I think starting is definitely the hardest part. I am from that in-between technology generation (turning 60), where on a regular basis I question the definition of progress versus sanity.

     So why am I writing this blog? Because I am a doer kind of a person with lots of interests, experiences and knowledge to share. What are some of my many interests? Family (SOOO blessed), parenting (best years of my life), animals (of all kinds, prefer fur,  but I'm the kind of person that feels the need to nurture anything living), gardening, nature, and plants (my sister got me started with orchids and it's a sickness:)), cooking (OMG do I have recipes to share), and all forms of art (including making new discoveries from my inner pool of talent...thanks Dad!).

     Where I spend most of my energy is owning a jewelry business with my husband, Rob. He is a goldsmith, and together we create intergenerational connections through fine jewelry. (I am proudly one of those sentimental fools).

I just LOVE harmonizing diamonds, color gemstones, and metal, into wearable art designs. I will share my passion for My Jewel Shop, Inc. and honestly answer any questions you may have (that includes the good, the bad, and the ugly), about the jewelry industry and related topics.

     I'm thinking next time we'll do some history, where and when stuff,  so we can start to connect the dots. We all know how small this world really is. Life is full of stories to share. Retail is full of stories to share. I'm full of stories to share...all with a twist of Linda humor, at no extra charge (I LOVE bargains!).

     Wow! It's done! My first blog! I finally did it! Personally, I'm feeling elated. Blogging didn't hurt one bit. With as many interests as I have you will never know where my mind will travel. I'm thinking this will be an incredibly fun journey.