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As I overflow with emotion, this is the perfect place for me to share something on the more personal side… FYI, this is not bragging…but, I feel I’m at the top of my “game.” For the past 40 years, designing custom jewelry, custom wedding bands, and especially custom engagement rings, has been one of the most satisfying parts of my work. Together, I connect to what will become your life events. I become part of your story, a story that will not be forgotten. No words describe the emotion and excitement I feel every time I deliver a piece of jewelry…how fortunate I am, to be able to turn visions into reality, bringing pleasure that will bond families for generations to come.

Which leads me to the story of our daughter, who turned 30 this year. I asked her what she wanted for her special birthday…her answer was a piece of jewelry made just for her…not too much pressure!. Let’s just say, over the years, our girl has definitely benefited from her parents line of work. Eight different original designs and her birthstone, Sapphire, was presented on her birthday so she could choose her favorite design, (it was one of my two guesses) and be part of the story. We did not disappoint her. Here’s the finished ring…perfection in every way. As our daughter received her ring, I was overwhelmed with heartfelt joy, knowing we created a family heirloom that will keep Rob and I alive for future generations, in the most fitting way I could possibly think of. Thank you Pam, for the inspiration. Remember to share the story…

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