Best Watch Repair Services in Montgomery County, PA

watch repair montgomery county pa My Jewel Shop is a watch repair specialist in Montgomery County, PA. We repair all watches in our workshop and can perform watch battery replacement services as well as full watch overhauls.

Get Your Watch Repaired

Watches can break down for a variety of reasons and require repair. As jewelry appraisers in Philadelphia, PA, we provide watch repair services for customers in Jenkintown, Philadelphia, and Abington, PA. We’ve been in business since 1971 and have vast experience of watch overhauls for a variety of manufacturers from different eras. If you live in Montgomery County, PA, and have a problem with your watch, bring it to us for a full watch repair.

All kinds of things can go wrong with watches, requiring a full watch overhaul. For instance, does your watch work perfectly when it’s off your wrist, but not at all while it’s on? Often this is an indication that you need a watch battery replacement or that there is a problem with the internal circuitry.

Many people need watch repair services in Philadelphia because their watch has stopped working entirely. Often, low-quality watch batteries are to blame, and you may need a full watch battery replacement.

watch battery replacement montgomery county pa Buy Watch Batteries in Abington, PA

Is the second hand skipping? If it is, it can mean that your watch displays the wrong time, and you need a watch repair. Usually, this happens because of faulty watch batteries, but it can be a consequence of other problems, too. If you are experiencing this issue in Philadelphia, Jenkintown, Abington, PA, or anywhere else in Montgomery County, PA, bring your watch to us for a full watch overhaul.

Outstanding Service

Here at My Jewel Shop, we’ve been carrying out watch repair services and watch battery replacement for nearly half a century alongside our estate jewelry in Montgomery County, PA. We offer an incredible service that people living in Abington, PA, Jenkintown, Philadelphia, and Montgomery County, PA love. Check out our testimonials to find out more. We offer a bespoke service that gets to the root of the problem with your watch and fixes it, preventing you from experiencing degradation in performance in the future.

Expert Repairs

At My Jewel Shop, we have a reputation for excellence. After all, there aren’t many jewelers out there who can create custom pieces from scratch. The same dedication to quality extends to our watch repair service and watch battery replacement in Philadelphia.

All Top Brands Covered

Our watch repair services in Philadelphia cover all of the top brands and leading watch internals, including Breitling, Rotaru, Weil, Raymond, Omega, TAG Heuer, and many more, including watch battery replacement. Before repairing your watch batteries or mechanism, we provide you with a quote. There are no hidden charges or extra fees; just an honest, straightforward repair service, as it should be.

Do you need watch repair in Philadelphia, Jenkintown or Abington, PA? If so, get in touch with us today and find out how you could benefit from our watch repair. We are sure that you’ll love the watch repair service that you receive.

My Jewel Shop Offers Expert Watch Repair in Abington Township, PA

Have you considered searching for a watch or a watch battery recently? Or perhaps you require the assistance of a well-equipped watch repair service in Montgomery County, PA or Abington? Customers across Philadelphia appreciate the superb service supplied by My Jewel Shop.

A Skilled Watch Repair Store

Obtain watch repair and watch replacement assistance in Philadelphia.

Purchase a New Watch

We carry fashionable new watches, including exciting lines of watches designed for Men and Women by Boccia. These products offer durable and stylish titanium exteriors. Visit us to select additional watch batteries and bands, too.

Our In-House Watch Repair Services

We offer a full range of repair services:

Replace Watch Batteries
Battery replacement requires care. Rely on My Jewel Shop to supply expert watch battery replacement services. As skilled jewelers, we make sure we match every vintage watch with the correct watch battery. We also perform the experienced replacement of watch batteries in new models.
Adjust Clasps and Replace Watch Bands
Our jewelers adjust watch clasps for customers. We’ll help repair or replace damaged bands, too. Contact us to resolve any watch replacement or repair problem.
Obtain Other Vintage Watch Services
We perform experienced appraisals of vintage watches in North Philadelphia. This service assists customers in documenting the value of vintage watches and time pieces. We furnish competitively priced appraisals. Request assistance online or through our store in Abington, PA.


Schedule Watch Repair Shop Services Now
Contact us by dialing 215-887-3881 to obtain assistance with a watch-related purchase or repair issue or a watch battery concern. My Jewel Shop carries impressive lines of stylish watches and watch bands. If we cannot provide repair services in Montgomery County, PA, we may utilize an off-site location for repairs. Our company offers fast, knowledgeable service!