Most services are performed and executed from the My Jewel Shop, Inc. premises located in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania where their specialists in intuitive design and jewelry fabrication work closely with the clientele to ensure that every repair and custom order meets the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.


Custom Design

This is where we excel. We can help you with creating an original piece of jewelry from sketch to reality. Our experienced designers will take you on your very own journey…because sometimes you just need something extra special.

Diamond Jewelry

Customer request….”Make me something I can wear on my neck using every stone I inherited from my Mother’s jewelry”…volia!!!

Transformation: Dad’s Bar Mitzvah ring becomes daughter’s Bat Mitzvah necklace…a generation later.

Customer’s red coral vacation souvenir…inspiration for gold “coral” ring.

Mission: make multiple wearable rings

Every stone is measured. Using client stones we create jewelry magic!

Mission: Design and execute our daughter’s engagement ring with the diamond worn by Bubbie Ostroff.

CAD Designs

Once created by hand as a wax model carving, CAD jewelry designs are developed on computer screens by artisans using state-of-the-art equipment and software that metamorphose their thoughts and keystrokes into works of art. Here are some examples. The possibilities are endless…

Problem: Inherited eternity diamond band…finger size too small, replace broken stones.
Solution: Technology calculates exact measurements enabling three dimensional views with precision results.

Challenge: Custom engagement ring using family diamonds.

Next: The custom wedding band…perfection!

Mission: Design an engagement ring for someone not really interested in jewelry. Sapphire is family stone

This is an exact duplicate of a vintage family ring that was no longer wearable. Every detail was restored…a jewelry reincarnation!

Engagement & Wedding Band Specialists


Finding the diamond engagement ring of your dreams begins at My Jewel Shop. With their reputation for meticulous attention to detail and enduring quality, they offer their expertise through their personalized shopping services. For each individual client’s desire, they will hand select appropriate stones for visual comparisons and educate you about the differences. This will enable you the opportunity to make your own educated decisions, with confidence, in a stress free environment. Rob and Linda appreciate the opportunity to share your milestone event and are dedicated to make this a personal, memorable shopping experience. With all engagement ring purchases they include an appraisal for insurance purposes as well as free perpetual care (cleaning and inspection). My Jewel Shop’s offerings of ring styles, whether vintage, classic, modern, or custom designed are truly limitless. Visit the on-line shop for featured favorites, check out their links, or view their full inventory in person at the Jenkintown location.

Gold color, diamond shape, budget…all important details for consideration when choosing your engagement ring


When it comes to selecting wedding bands, there are simply too many choices. The majority of women wear their wedding ring and engagement ring together, which limits options. Men however, My Jewel Shop’s favorite wedding ring company allows the opportunity to literally build your own band right from their web site which includes 100,000 choices. Rob and Linda advise couples to preview their on-line store for hand selected favorites and wedding band links to familiarize themselves with the variety of metals, alternative metals, styles, stone choices, etc. For a much larger selection, always best to visit their Jenkintown, PA jewelry store, as all wedding bands are best ordered in-store to guarantee fit. If this isn’t enough choices, another My Jewel Shop specialty is custom wedding bands using hand fabrication, carved wax, or CAD design.

Remounts & Semi-Mounts

At My Jewel Shop the possibilities are endless. With your own unique style, they help you envision the transformation of updating your diamonds or gemstones into wearable, fashionable jewelry. The web site links offer some of their favorite vendors…why not shop till you drop! Contact the store directly to place your order through their personal shopping services.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

My Jewel Shop offers you a more personalized diamond shopping experience. Each client’s specific requirements insure the finest hand selected, directly sourced conflict free diamonds, for side by side comparison. As Linda says, “No two 5 foot, 120 pound, blonde women look alike…same goes for diamonds with matching certifications.” With their extensive knowledge and expertise, they will educate you to feel the confidence necessary in making the best decision to meet the highest of expectations. Giving you the most beautiful diamond for your money..that is their commitment to you. 

Diamonds begin a rough life…

The understanding of rough diamonds is what dictates shape. It is the fascinating relationship of nature, and the skill of man that creates the brilliance of a diamond.

Here are the most popular shapes of diamonds. Decisions should rely on personal preferences.

Laboratory Diamonds

Laboratory grown diamonds, also known as engineered or cultured diamonds, are now readily available, upon request, at My Jewel Shop, Inc. Lab created diamonds are man made by simulating natural conditions of extreme heat and pressure (HPHT) or chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Both mined and created diamonds are identical in chemical composition. Our created diamonds are laser inscribed and fully certified by GCAL or IGI. As of 1/2024, anticipate comparison quality current pricing for laboratory created diamonds approximately 10-20% of earth mined diamonds. For additional information refer to the consumers guide.

Fine Gemstones

True Confessions. Rob and Linda have been hoarding gems for the past 48 years…it is their addiction. At My Jewel Shop,  they offer you diamonds and color gemstones from their diverse private collection, or from their internationally ethically mined resources. Gemstone and diamond concierge shopping services are their greatest pleasures…they are here to satisfy ALL your gemstone desires.

Linda in her happy place…gemstone buying

Sorting stones to find the most beautiful opals…

Jewelry Repair Experts

My Jewel Shop understands jewelry repair requires just as much dedication and devotion to craft as creating stunning new pieces. They pride themselves in going above and beyond the typical jewelry store experience by providing professionally executed craftsmanship and rapid service from within their premises. Whether a straight forward ring sizing, jewelry face-lift,  to more complex antique restorations, they are happy to examine your jewelry and provide options. Free estimates for all repairs. While-u-wait and express jewelry repair services available by appointment.

Prong Re-tipping


Re-tipping is nothing more than building up the prongs so that they are durable again.

Because of the incredible abuse some jewelry receives during the course of every day wear, prongs have a tendency to get bent, broken, caught, cracked, and worn. Dirt buildup also hastens the wear of your jewelry. Visit your jeweler at least twice per year to have your fine jewelry professional cleaned and inspected for worn prongs, faulty clasps, or other potential problems.


If you run your fingers over the tops of the prongs, you should be able to feel all the small rounded “nubs” of metal. If the prongs feel smooth and flat, and are even with the gemstone, this is a warning sign that it is time to bring the piece in for maintenance. Additionally, if you hear any stones rattling, or are constantly snagging on clothes and various fabrics, this is a tell-tale indication that your stones may be in jeopardy of falling out.

As always, it is better to be safe than sorry. If ever in doubt, bring your jewelry into My Jewel Shop for a free inspection, and our jewelers’ will be more than happy to assist you.

Religious Jewelry

My Jewel Shop offers custom design religious jewelry incorporating all possibilities using fabrication, carved wax or CAD designs. For commercially available religious jewelry search their links: Stuller and Quality. Both companies offer religious jewelry to satisfy a variety of tastes and price points.

Estates Brokered

My Jewel Shop is a trusted buyer looking for individual pieces as well as entire estates. Their pledge is to make the selling process a private, gratifying, seamless experience.

Custom Jewelry Design
Appraisal Services (Appointment Only)

There are many reasons we are contacted for jewelry appraisals. Appraisals enable you to protect your financial investment. We provide professional, detailed, written appraisals for insurance replacement documentation. It is recommended jewelry appraisals be updated every three to five years, depending on market fluctuations. For other purposes, like sorting inherited jewelry, estate planning, etc., it is suggested you schedule a consultation.  

Corporate Jewelry and Designs

Family Crest, Recognition Awards, Corporate Jewelry Gifts
-Custom services available…contact My Jewel Shop, Inc. for free price quotes.