Enter to win a discount on your jewelry purchases at My Jewel Shop with the MJS Color Gemstone March Madness Promotion.

How to Enter/Win:

  • Purchase any piece of jewelry between Friday, February 21st and Thursday, March 20th (before the start of the first round of 64 game) and receive a My Jewel Shop – March Madness Promotion Ticket.
  • My Jewel Shop – March Madness Promotion Ticket will indicate the primary colors of the jewelry associated with the piece. Example: diamonds-white, sapphires–blue, ruby- red, etc.
  • Your winning teams are based on the primary colors of the jewelry you purchase. Example: If you purchase a diamond ring with a gold band, your colors are white and yellow
  • If a team that has either a primary color or secondary color of your purchase wins a round, you will receive the discount indicated below.
  • If jewelry has more than two colors, a primary and secondary color will be determined by store personnel at the time of purchase.

Potential Discounts:

  • Round of 64 – 5% off
  • Round of 32 – 10% off
  • Round of 16 – 15% off
  • Round of 8 – 20% off
  • Round of 4 – 25% off
  • Finals – 30% off

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Promotion Rules:

  • The original My Jewel Shop – March Madness Promotion Ticket at My Jewel Shop. Not eligible for online orders. Not eligible on bridal jewelry. Discount will be applied on final purchase price of any in stock jewelry, before tax.
  • Photocopies of the promotional ticket are not eligible for discount.
  • Only one discount will be applied to each future purchase.
  • If multiple teams with your primary and/or secondary color complete rounds, you will only receive one discount.
  • If your team(s) win multiple rounds, your will receive discount of the highest round completed.
  • If you choose to apply a discount prior to the completion of a new round, that Promotion Ticket cannot be applied if the color advances further.
  • Discount cannot be applied to previous transaction. Discount must be applied to a new purchase at My Jewel Shop.
  • Discount must be redeemed within 30 days.
  • Accepted winning colors will be posted on the My Jewel Shop social media and inside the My Jewel Shop store from Friday, March 21st to Saturday, April 21st for reference.