MJS One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

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SS Blue Agate and London Blue Topaz Butterfly Necklace with Bee Accent on Adjustable Chain.jpg

"Butterfly Buzz"

Sterling Silver Blue Agate and London Blue Topaz Butterfly Necklace with Bumble Bee Accent on Sterling Silver 16" Chain.

Sterling Silver = 6 dwt

Agate Wings = 11.45 cts

London Blue Marquise = 1.19 cts

Sterling Silver 16" Chain

Sterling Silver Bumble Bee Charm (reversible) with Yellow Enamel 

pg turquoise copper necklace.jpg

"Turquoise meets the pinky"

14k Pink Gold Turquoise with Copper Necklace

14k Pink Gold = 1.2 dwt

14k Pink Gold Chain 16" Total Length

Turquoise with Copper = 16.80 cts

14k watermelon tourmaline ring 2.jpg

Tootie Fruity

14k White Gold, 14k Pink Gold & 22k Yellow Gold Watermelon Tourmaline ring

14k White Gold, 14k Pink Gold & 22k Yellow Gold = 2.87 dwt

Watermelon Tourmaline = 7.56 cts

SS 14k yg lizard nck 3.jpg

"Lizard Lovers"

Sterling Silver Diopside Slab with 14k Yellow Gold lizard accents

Approx 21" Total Length & Adjustable Chain

Center Pendant is approx. 2"x1.5"

14k yg = 0.18 dwt

SS = 4.42

yg blue titanium coated druzy earrings 2.jpg

"Did you get the point?"

14k Yellow Gold Titanium Coated Druzy Earring

14k Yellow Gold = 2.7 dwt

1 pair Titanium Coated Druzy = 32.30 cts

SS Adjustable Turqouise Ring with gold accents 2.jpg

Copper River

Sterling Silver Turquoise with Copper Adjustable Ring with 14k Pink Gold Accents

Sterling Silver = 10.03 dwt

14k Pink Gold = 0.48 dwt

Turquoise with Copper = 19.92

14k tri colored organic opal diam ring 6.jpg

"Organic Opal" #3

14k Tri-Color Gold Boulder Opal Doublet Ring with Diamond

14k Gold = 1.4 dwt

Boulder Opal Doublet = 0.77 cts

1, Round Diamond = 0.03 cts

(set in 4 prong setting)

SS and 14k yg Jasper Fish Pendant.jpg

"I'm Hooked"

Sterling Silver with 14k Yellow Gold Accents Sea Jasper Fish Pendant with Purple Drusy "Bubbles" on a pastel Freshwater Pearl necklace (included)

Pendant can be worn one way on a the freshwater pearl necklace or one way on a sterling silver chain (sterling silver chain not included)

Sea Jasper = 58.78 cts

Purple Drusy bubbles =  8.40 cts

Sterling Silver = 9.24 dwt

14k Yellow Gold Accents = 0.5 dwt

Freashwater Pearl Necklace 16"

SS Crazy Lace Agate and  Antique Square Checkerboard Cut Citrine Earrings.jpg

"Dancing in the Sunlight"

Special Features:

Sterling Silver Crazy Lace & Citrine Dangle Earrings

Approx. 1.5" Long x 0.5" Wide

SS = 4.01 dwt

9mm Square Checkerboard cut 2, Citrine =5.80 cts