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Imagine….My Jewel Shop’s Connection with Nature!

Forgive me…I feel like I’ve neglected you this past summer. The “roller coaster” ride began with a cancer diagnosis Memorial Day weekend and ended with the passing of my mother, Millie Ostroff on August 9th. This loss is indescribable. Everyone deals with grief differently. For me, keeping busy is best. For years, you have asked […]

Too good to be true?

Often, we see people make jewelry purchases because they are convinced they are getting a deal. In reality, gold and diamond prices are pretty standard throughout the world, and our industry. What does vary, is the markup. My Jewel Shop prides ourselves in being competitively priced every day. We tag our merchandise with the best […]


DIAMOND COLOR “The less color, the higher the grade. Even the slightest hint can make a dramatic difference in value.” (GIA) DIAMONDS ARE GRADED UPSIDE DOWN AND WITH A “MASTER SET OF STONES.” FANCY COLORED DIAMONDS “The grading of colored diamonds is conducted by a team of highly specialized GIA gemologists who examine the diamonds […]