The Meaning of Gemstones

gemstone colors

People have sought after gemstones for thousands of years because of their beauty. At some point, these glittering, brilliantly colored stones began to take on their own symbology and meaning. That symbology and meaning persists to this day. Here are some gemstones that you can find at our jewelry store in Bucks County.

The most popular jewel to adorn engagement and wedding rings, the diamond is unequaled in its radiance and fire and is the hardest natural substance known. Because of this, its meaning is purity, clarity, love and endurance.

Rubies, the red version of corundum, mean wisdom, wealth, health and love, and especially passionate love. The ruby’s blood red color also symbolizes the life force.

Though sapphires can come in any color but red, it’s the blue sapphire people think about when they consider the gem’s meaning. Blue means fidelity, and so do blue sapphires. That’s why they were and still are chosen for engagement rings.

The emerald is a talisman that fights evil and cures disease. Its green color also gives it the meanings of fertility and rebirth.

Amethysts mean quick wittedness and since it’s supposed to prevent inebriation, clear thinking.

Because this beautiful blue gem is associated with water, it’s believed to keep sailors safe while they’re at sea. Other meanings include good health and clear thinking, and its blue color symbolizes fidelity.

According to feng shui, the meaning of citrine is abundance and wealth. Because of this, owners are instructed to place a piece of citrine in the four corners of their home. In the western world, citrine imparts vitality and was believed to be an antidote to snake venom.

The gemstone stands for fidelity and love. If you wear it, you’ll be blessed with intelligence and strength.

A gemstone created by a living being, the soft but brilliant whiteness of a pearl means innocence and purity. The ancient Chinese thought it protected you from fire.

Often red as a ruby but a bit more common, the garnet protects you from accidents when you travel and prevents nightmares. It is also a healing stone.

Not to be confused with cubic zirconia, this gemstone means that dreams will come true, honor will be upheld, and prosperity will be given to the wearer. Zircon is also a sleep aid.

Like the emerald, all peridot stones are green. Because of this, its meanings include the creative powers of nature and healing.