Imagine….My Jewel Shop’s Connection with Nature!

Forgive me…I feel like I’ve neglected you this past summer. The “roller coaster” ride began with a cancer diagnosis Memorial Day weekend and ended with the passing of my mother, Millie Ostroff on August 9th. This loss is indescribable. Everyone deals with grief differently. For me, keeping busy is best.

For years, you have asked about My Jewel Shop selling our jewelry on the internet. For years, I’ve searched for the right concept and the perfect fit. We found it!!! In fact, we did it!!!!! I say we, because this was a collective effort. In the process, the My Jewel Shop “family” inspired each other with our individual skill sets and this online store has surpassed my incredibly high expectations. Our store contains a collection of our wearable “art” jewelry and is meant to be enjoyed, like going to a museum. Each stone is uncommon, each design is unique, each execution is extraordinary. My heartfelt gratitude to my work family, Rob Stewart, Mary Ward, and Layne Freedline…dreams really do come true.