Trend Setting The Jewelry Industry in Jenkintown Pennsylvania

This place is AMAZING!!!!!!! It is definitely worthwhile finding My Jewel Shop’s new location, especially since it’s still located in Jenkintown, across from the Highway Movie Theater, definitely off the beaten track. (FYI, Google Maps took me right to their free parking).  Admittedly, entering was a bit intimidating, but once inside their suite, I felt like I was transformed into the home of Rob and Linda Stewart. The way they greet you, the vibe, the presentation of their merchandise, the fact that you can watch Rob work at the bench, just all of it, is not your typical jewelry shopping experience. They have everything you could possibly want: silver jewelry, gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, diamonds, gold chains, engagement rings, wedding bands, gemstones I’ve never seen or heard of, and one-of-a-kind jewelry that is off the charts!!! They even custom design and create any jewelry you can imagine!!! Seriously, this place is awesome!
     When you meet the owners, Rob and Linda, they have many wonderful stories and a history that spans 51 years. Rob is the goldsmith (a rare find these days, you can see he has working hands), and Linda designs and runs the overall daily operation. I saw Linda designing wedding bands with a client using her iPad…it was like magical!
     Although I had to make a prior appointment (they are not open to the public daily), they literally treated me like gold. I brought them jewelry repairs and watches, as well as some undesirable inherited family jewelry. This dream team gave me undivided attention and blew me away with their professionalism, knowledge and creativity. Rob fixed some things while I was working with his wife (at no charge…free!!! who does that?). Linda took me on my first experience of having custom made jewelry. With her guidance and technological abilities, I saw the steps and felt 100% confidence embarking on this journey. The results are nothing short of spectacular. I literally had tears of joy.
     I’m hoping to get engaged and My Jewel Shop (love the name), is where I’m going. I want to shop local and have a more personal experience, especially since I plan to be part of the decision process. My man will get to surprise me… but he knows, as the saying goes, a girl knows what she wants. Linda offered to be our personal diamond shopper and find the best selection of diamonds available, within our budget. She will even educate us, so we will be confident in making the right decision. Linda says selling engagement rings and wedding bands are one of her favorite parts of what she does…I’m hoping this bubbly woman will share in our life story.
     All I can say is, this in demand power couple, the owners of My Jewel Shop, seem really happy they reinvented themselves. Rob and Linda call their recent move a “transition toward semi-retirement”.  You can tell they LOVE what they do and their new trendsetting concept will enable this dream team to hopefully continue for years to come.
    Folks, I’m telling you, this place is a hidden gem! My Jewel Shop is THE best kept secret and jewelry store near me, found right in Montgomery County, PA…they are truly worth seeking out.