Precious Moments

Precious moments of the week with a heavy dose of feel good:

Today we received a call from one of our elderly customers. She wanted to blog about us but didn’t know how to publish what she wrote. (We believe she actually wanted to write a review). Out of sheer desperation, she sent this email:

“ Hi Guys! I don’t know how to “blog” but I want to tell you how much you’ve meant to us over the years. I have been a professional artist for most of my life and I am now over 90 years old. I know what’s “Special”. Quite a few years ago I had a butterfly pin that perches on my shoulder. It was missing an antenna. Rob, a marvelous artist, made a new gold, tiny addition. It is beautiful. It now can open and fold its’ wings and “look beautiful” over all! Since then I have been in “Rob’s pocket” for any and all jewelry jobs, whether old or new. My husband lost his wedding ring and needed a replacement. No problem. Our son got engaged and “something special” was needed. Never a problem! My Jewel Shop has always been there for us. We thank you and love you.

Lorraine and Ben Alexander”

So when I read this, I thought, just precious…right? Felt really good. We thank and love you too Lorraine!

Another moment in time:

My sister, fellow orchid lover, came to visit Sunday, or should I rephrase and say made a delivery? The big orchid show at Longwood Gardens (where she volunteers) just ended and they sell off the exhibition plants, deeply discounted. She obviously was in an uncontrollable situation (for an addict). Let’s just say, I am now the proud owner of the most incredible collection of paphiopedilum orchids. I’ve lusted for and dreamt about various species…now I own them! I know it must have been hard for my sis to separate from these truly amazing wonders of nature. You can bet I’ll be sharing my prize orchids as they blossom. It’s always a challenge/most rewarding kind of relationship. I give them love and attention, they fulfill me with beautiful flowers (if I’m lucky). Thank you, sista Lisa, for taking me on this journey (hobby/addiction), with you. Where and who these beautiful orchids came from makes them even more precious to me.

Greatest moment:

Our present unsettled world of politics, the economy, and terrorism, has had me frustrated in ways I find hard to describe. Watching the college basketball final Monday night transformed many of us to another world. Thank you North Carolina and congratulations Villanova for the most exhilarating, exciting, fantastic basketball game I’ve ever seen. What history…a precious memory indeed.