What A World….

I am overcome by sadness as I see the horrific events happening in our world today. It makes me question what defines human beings…how can we all be of the same species? How can people have absolutely no value for life? What went wrong? How do we fix this? So many questions, without any real answers. My heart bleeds for the injured victims and those who feel the pain and suffering from the loss of someone they loved. As terrifying as all this is, I feel really frustrated and angry. As my way of retaliation, I am even more compelled to value my freedom and cherish every single day.

What a gift today’s weather is! The instant gratification and rewards of being an avid gardener give me such pleasure. I absolutely live for spring! Every day new life sprouts up and grows taller and taller…this really excites me!. Soon I’ll be “moving things around”, better known as transplanting, as I try to control myself from planting annuals and vegetables too early (Primex Nursery is a happy place for me). I so enjoy the time I spend gardening. I love the fresh smell of dirt, the sounds of nature, the exercise (I’m hard core when it comes to gardening), the beautification of our property, and the closeness I feel to my Dad. His artistic genes have spread to his children and he continues to live within me. Gardening is another way of expressing my creativity…it’s like a full course meal for my soul. If any of you ever need help, motivation, advice, or inspiration, just reach out, I’m here for you. So what am I doing now? Feeling the need to get out there and experience the beauty of this day!

Today’s gifts from our garden:

On my bucket list is to work (actually I’d rather just volunteer) for a florist, making container gardens and floral arrangements. I would LOVE having all kinds of beautiful plants and fresh flowers to “play ” with. My container gardening skills have been challenged, as I always try to beautify Jenkintown by making My Jewel Shop’s store front visually appealing. Hopefully I inspire some of you to give gardening a try. It is times like these we must find balance…stop for a moment, look around you, breathe in. Enjoy the beauty nature and gardener hobbyists create, to share, with the kind of world I want to be living in.