Why buy a diamond from My Jewel Shop?

Why buy a diamond from My Jewel Shop? Because I am the best personal diamond shopper ever! Lately I’ve been seeing too many of you make expensive mistakes. Yes, the Internet enables consumers to educate themselves but purchasing an engagement ring over the Internet does not make sense. No matter how much you learn, you need help applying that knowledge. I ask you, does every 5ft., blonde hair, blue eye, 100 pound woman look alike?  Not every 1 carat, round diamond of same grading looks alike either. I will respect your budget, teach you about the terminology, and guide you to make your own good decision…and compete with Internet prices!

Internet purchases don’t include real life stone comparisons, ring size adjustments while you wait, appraisals for insurance purposes, or lifetime care and cleaning. There is no personal experience buying from a computer screen or memories created while sharing this monumental moment in your life. I love using my forty years of experience in diamond buying and ethical resources to find you the most beautiful engagement ring for you to present. Every engagement ring I deliver warms my heart beyond words. I feel blessed to be in a business where we share many milestones and the greatest compliment is when third generations from all over this state come back to buy their engagement ring from us. When you buy from My Jewel Shop we are the full package…price, service and knowledge. Take my advice, do your homework, (it is really not my style to toot my own horn) by checking reliable Yelp reviews and find a service oriented small business that will cater to your needs. At My Jewel Shop, you don’t pay for expensive commercials or advertisements and we don’t make a living selling you one piece of jewelry. Instead, we hope to make a lifelong relationship…engagement rings are just our beginning of our journey.