What’s Love Got To Do With It…

What is my favorite part of the jewelry business? Great question! Can you believe after 40 plus years I still have no definitive answer?

There are so many wonderful facets that encompass our industry and my “job.” Like the intimacy of our relationships…many with vendors and customers we have known for decades and generations (makes me feel old!) Or the passion I have for the amazing beauty of gemstones Mother Nature has blessed us with. (FYI…one of the things that drew me into the jewelry business was colored gemstones.) To this day gems continue to move the blood through my veins at a higher miles per hour. Or the thrill of designing jewelry on paper and working closely with my husband, whose golden hands make these visions become real. I could go on and on but no, I’ll control myself since I’ve promised to keep my blogs short and sweet.

Instead of having a favorite, I want to share one of the most rewarding parts of my work. Selling engagement rings. Educating customers about diamonds so they have the ability to make their own good decision gives me a sense of satisfaction. The reality is, most people have no clue about the largest purchase they will make, that you can’t put a key into (haha). Sometimes, I am entrusted completely to be the personal shopper. Sometimes we get to reset family heirlooms (as a crazy sentimental person this totally warms my heart.) Then comes the most difficult part of the entire purchase, selecting the actual ring. This is where personal taste factors in. Pinterest is my new favorite go to…it helps me get a sense of someone’s style and taste. If we’re really lucky we see rings posted…hint! hint! Usually by this point, I feel a special bond happen as I get to know my customer and about who they plan to spend the rest of their life with.The sense of pride, relief, confidence, friendship, love and joy during this process totally warms my heart.

These past few weeks My Jewel Shop has been involved in many engagements. Believe it or not, every ring I deliver still gives me chills. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I am given to be involved in the most important decision someone makes in their life. I feel incredibly blessed and rewarded to become part of family history, where love has everything to do with it.