Three Generations

In just a moment in time, life can take a new direction.

It is with deep sadness I share the loss of a duel family member. Many of you knew Millie, my mother, who was part of the MJS team, as well as the matriarch of my biological family.

Memorial Day weekend I took my mother to the emergency room for neck and shoulder pain. This unknowingly was the beginning of Millie’s final chapter. The X-ray showed lesions on the lungs. With further testing it was determined there were lesions in the liver, both lungs, and in the soft tissue of the spine pressing against her spinal cord. Mind you, Millie was doing water aerobics two weeks prior to these findings.

When we first met with the oncologist, my mom’s first question for the doctor was “do they ever make mistakes?…I feel too good.” The reality was mind blowing, devastating, scary, and felt surreal for all of us. As I’m writing this I feel it’s somewhat therapeutic. There are no words to describe the loss I feel. I know I’m not alone. Our journey was beautiful…follow along.