Linda “Explores America”

Fast week…soooo much to tell. No worries, I’m focused. Because of my passion for plants, orchids, and nature I must share my unexpected experience this week, that resulted in a check mark off my bucket list, (yes, l’ll admit my list is rather long😊.

My Jewel Shop entered the window display contest sponsored by the Philadelphia Flower Show for all the “wrong” reasons. Mine was for the free tickets to the flower show and theme to change out our window displays for spring (ironically, it was snowing the day I did this!) To say I wasn’t feeling competitive is an understatement. I never read the whole packet explaining the details. For me, it was all about the personal challenge, my crazy visions, and with the help of Rob and Mary, making them reality. When I finished the window displays I had already won…personal satisfaction rules!

Thursday, before the opening of the Philadelphia Flower Show, participants of the contest were invited to an awards ceremony at the convention center…also where you get the free tickets. My incredible 80+ year old mother and I attend the presentation. I learned there was so much more to the competition than I knew, like categories, use of materials, etc. (so much for not reading the instructions.) Coming in 16 out of 85 in the Facebook category was something to be proud of, for a first try!

Here’s where my Karma philosophy comes in. Every time I’ve seen the Flower Show, I always wondered how they make the convention center transform into the most spectacular, natural, theme based environments. After the presentation we walked (snuck) down the hallway looking for a window to peek down at the exhibit area.  I found an unlocked room with giant windows overlooking the exhibit area. I was freaking out! Had my phone shooting lots of pictures. We reluctantly left the third floor by escalator and where does it bring us? Right in front of the main entrance of the show! I’m not one to be shy, so I go over to the security person and ask if we could go inside to take a few pictures. Let’s just say, I had reason to make that check mark. OMGFloating on cloud nine, we head over to lunch at Reading Terminal Market…turned my mother onto Sang Kee Shrimp dumplings, and bought my first Beiler’s donuts. Did you ever have a better than perfect day?

Monday, Rob and I went to the show (for free!) Just the transformation from Thursday afternoon to the final “production”,  blew me away. I seriously think some of the exhibitors did not sleep until the opening. The amount of work in such a short time is nothing short of magical. I think this year is a favorite.
So what did I learn? I love Karma, I love challenges and I love better than perfect days.