My Jewel Shop, Inc. Featured Piece of the Week ...."I'm Hooked"

Watch the final steps in the creation of this one-of-a-kind carved sea jasper, drusy quartz and freshwater pearl necklace.

I Dare You to be Different....

     Nothing brings more personal satisfaction than having a vision and the ability to execute it. My new found passion for painting has brought me to a new artistic level, igniting my longer than I'll admit career of designing fine jewelry. I've always enjoyed working with metal, sparkly diamonds, glowing pearls, and mind blowing gemstones, who wouldn't, right?  

     But my latest custom designs of engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces have my creative juices simply overflowing. In fact, My Jewel Shop has just launched our online store...there you can see some of my designs for yourself Each one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry combines and balances the beauty of gemstones, diamonds, textures of gold and silver, all created by hand in our workshop. As each piece finds a forever home, so begins the lasting memories for generations to come. I thank you for your inspiration and for  including me in your journey.

Imagine....My Jewel Shop's Connection with Nature!

      Forgive me...I feel like I've neglected you this past summer. The "roller coaster" ride began with a cancer diagnosis Memorial Day weekend and ended with the passing of my mother, Millie Ostroff on August 9th. This loss is indescribable. Everyone deals with grief differently. For me, keeping busy is best.

      For years, you have asked about My Jewel Shop selling our jewelry on the internet. For years, I've searched for the right concept and the perfect fit. We found it!!! In fact, we did it!!!!! I say we, because this was a collective effort. In the process, the My Jewel Shop "family" inspired each other with our individual skill sets and this online store has surpassed my incredibly high expectations. Our store contains a collection of our wearable "art" jewelry and is meant to be enjoyed, like going to a museum. Each stone is uncommon, each design is unique, each execution is extraordinary. My heartfelt gratitude to my work family, Rob Stewart, Mary Ward, and Layne Freedline...dreams really do come true.      

Three Generations

In just a moment in time, life can take a new direction.


     It is with deep sadness I share the loss of a duel family member. Many of you knew Millie, my mother, who was part of the MJS team, as well as the matriarch of my biological family. 

     Memorial Day weekend I took my mother to the emergency room for neck and shoulder pain. This unknowingly was the beginning of Millie's final chapter. The X-ray showed lesions on the lungs. With further testing it was determined there were lesions in the liver, both lungs, and in the soft tissue of the spine pressing against her spinal cord. Mind you, Millie was doing water aerobics two weeks prior to these findings.

     When we first met with the oncologist, my mom's first question for the doctor was "do they ever make mistakes?...I feel too good." The reality was mind blowing, devastating, scary, and felt surreal for all of us. As I'm writing this I feel it's somewhat therapeutic. There are no words to describe the loss I feel. I know I'm not alone. Our journey was beautiful...follow along.




The story has a good ending....

     Jenkintown Police are the best! This week there was a suspicious "shopper" visiting all the jewelry stores in our town. The police were alerted and took this very seriously.  Due to their outstanding efforts the person was peacefully apprehended in the act. I can't thank the Jenkintown Police Department enough for how professionally they handled this situation.  A huge token of gratitude for their dedication and protection.

Jenkintown Police....You Rock!!!


"Too good to be true?"

"To good to be true?"

     Often, we see people make jewelry purchases because they are convinced they are getting a deal. In reality, gold and diamond prices are pretty standard throughout the world, and our industry. What does vary, is the markup. My Jewel Shop prides ourselves in being competitively priced every day. We tag our merchandise with the best price, no games, no false deals, just honest value every single day. Here's an article I found from within our industry publication, "Jeweler's Circular Keystone."  

Be an educated consumer....

Here is an article from JCK Magazine on "False reference pricing".....

Department Store Accused of Misrepresenting Jewelry Price

"False reference pricing" is alleged.

"The city attorney of Los Angeles is accusing Macy's Inc. of using deceptive practices in advertising some of its products, including jewelry. City Attorney Michael N. Feuer is suing the Cincinnati-based retailer in California Superior Court. He claims that Macy's engaged in "false reference pricing."

As an example, Feuer said that on May 20, 2016, the company first offered for sale online a "Giani Bernini Large Cross Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver," a Macy’s exclusive in-house product. On the first day, it was advertised with an “original” price of $120 and a “sale” price of $30, according to the complaint. But the purported “original” price of $120 was a false reference price, as Macy’s did not offer the item for sale online for more than $30, according to Feuer.

The city attorney claims that Macy's has used false reference prices for "thousands of products." He claims Macy's violated the Unfair Competition Law and the False Advertising Law. Macy’s told the Los Angeles Times that it doesn't "comment on litigation matters." Feuer is also suing JC Penney, Sears and Kohl's on similar grounds, though jewelry is not mentioned in those cases.

In a statement, Feuer said: "Customers have the right to be told the truth about the prices they’re paying — and to know if a bargain is really a bargain." Feuer is asking that Macy's be enjoined from engaging in the described practices. He is also asking that the defendants be required to pay civil penalties."

To read more about this click here for the Los Angelas Time 


Why buy a diamond from My Jewel Shop?

     Why buy a diamond from My Jewel Shop? Because I am the best personal diamond shopper ever! Lately I've been seeing too many of you make expensive mistakes. Yes, the Internet enables consumers to educate themselves but purchasing an engagement ring over the Internet does not make sense. No matter how much you learn, you need help applying that knowledge. I ask you, does every 5ft., blonde hair, blue eye, 100 pound woman look alike?  Not every 1 carat, round diamond of same grading looks alike either. I will respect your budget, teach you about the terminology, and guide you to make your own good decision...and compete with Internet prices! 

    Internet purchases don't include real life stone comparisons, ring size adjustments while you wait, appraisals for insurance purposes, or lifetime care and cleaning. There is no personal experience buying from a computer screen or memories created while sharing this monumental moment in your life. I love using my forty years of experience in diamond buying and ethical resources to find you the most beautiful engagement ring for you to present. Every engagement ring I deliver warms my heart beyond words. I feel blessed to be in a business where we share many milestones and the greatest compliment is when third generations from all over this state come back to buy their engagement ring from us. When you buy from My Jewel Shop we are the full package...price, service and knowledge. Take my advice, do your homework, (it is really not my style to toot my own horn) by checking reliable Yelp reviews and find a service oriented small business that will cater to your needs. At My Jewel Shop, you don't pay for expensive commercials or advertisements and we don't make a living selling you one piece of jewelry. Instead, we hope to make a lifelong relationship...engagement rings are just our beginning of our journey.


What's Love Got To Do With It…

     What is my favorite part of the jewelry business? Great question! Can you believe after 40 plus years I still have no definitive answer?      

     There are so many wonderful facets that encompass our industry and my “job.” Like the intimacy of our relationships...many with vendors and customers we have known for decades and generations (makes me feel old!) Or the passion I have for the amazing beauty of gemstones Mother Nature has blessed us with. ( of the things that drew me into the jewelry business was colored gemstones.) To this day gems continue to move the blood through my veins at a higher miles per hour. Or the thrill of designing jewelry on paper and working closely with my husband, whose golden hands make these visions become real. I could go on and on but no, I'll control myself since I've promised to keep my blogs short and sweet.     

     Instead of having a favorite, I want to share one of the most rewarding parts of my work. Selling engagement rings. Educating customers about diamonds so they have the ability to make their own good decision gives me a sense of satisfaction. The reality is, most people have no clue about the largest purchase they will make, that you can’t put a key into (haha). Sometimes, I am entrusted completely to be the personal shopper. Sometimes we get to reset family heirlooms (as a crazy sentimental person this totally warms my heart.) Then comes the most difficult part of the entire purchase, selecting the actual ring. This is where personal taste factors in. Pinterest is my new favorite go helps me get a sense of someone's style and taste. If we’re really lucky we see rings posted...hint! hint! Usually by this point, I feel a special bond happen as I get to know my customer and about who they plan to spend the rest of their life with.The sense of pride, relief, confidence, friendship, love and joy during this process totally warms my heart.     

     These past few weeks My Jewel Shop has been involved in many engagements. Believe it or not, every ring I deliver still gives me chills. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I am given to be involved in the most important decision someone makes in their life. I feel incredibly blessed and rewarded to become part of family history, where love has everything to do with it.


Time Fly's When You're Having Fun!

Guilty, guilty, guilty! Spring fever and gardening our property stole me away from writing.  Here are a few pictures to share...the fruits of my labor and why I just love nature.

Soooo much more to tell! I've picked the best of the best to share...
    This spring, a Jenkintown High School senior student, Casey Lam,  reached out to intern with MJS. As a parent, I understand the importance of life experiences for young adults, especially when seeking career direction, so of course I said yes!
    Prior to this, a local merchant/friend/role model, Gloria Harrelson, started a local fundraiser with Painting With A Twist, to support the charity Children With Hair Loss. I am deeply moved by CWHL, as its purpose is to offer FREE wigs to children in need (for any reason, up to age 21). I reached out to Gloria, the Eastern Montgomery County salon sponsor who personally styles the wigs for free. I wanted to help make this bigger. 

    My Jewel Shop, Inc., Images Hair Solutions (Gloria's Salon), Painting With A Twist, Casey Lam, and many fellow merchants teamed together to raise money and awareness. Local salons are equipped to take hair donations throughout the year (8"), and so far we've been rather successful. Many businesses collected money, many businesses made donations. Many thanks to the following participants for your support:

Accent on Beaute, Allegheny Art Compant, The Art of It Gallery & Market, Berta Sawyer, Breslin's Consignment Corner, David Arnold Hair Salon, Drake Tavern, Fill-A-Bagel & Breads, Fleishman's Furniture Concepts, Green Hearts Pink, Images Hair Studio, Jenkintown Electric, Jenkintown Running Company, Kazoodle's Pet Boutique, Leila's Bistro, Marzano Ristorante, Mr. Paul Barber-Stylist, My Jewel Shop, Painting With A Twist, Rosnov's Jewelers, Stillwater Acupuncture LLC, Styles of Elegance, This Littlle Gallery, Transcendental Meditation, Velvet Sky Bakery & Cafe

     When on the phone with the mother who started CWHL, she had to put me on hold. She returned and apologized for the long wait. She was speaking to a mother whose daughter just passed and asked for a wig for the funeral. Wow, my heart dropped. Gloria has shared stories of her experiences. Imagine a parent and child seeing themselves with hair for the first time.

     When I first thought bigger, my mission was to educate the public about Children With Hair Loss and raise funds for this amazing cause. In less than 2 weeks, our small town made a difference in the lives of MANY children. I am moved beyond words by our community and deeply motivated to continue to fund raise for this cause. Watch year I'm thinking even bigger!

Must Watch! How To Interpret Diamond Certificates.



Clarity grades assess the number, size, relief, and position of inclusions and blemishes. (GIA)




"The less color, the higher the grade. Even the slightest hint can make a dramatic difference in value." (GIA)

Diamonds are graded upside down and with a "master set of stones."


"The grading of colored diamonds is conducted by a team of highly specialized GIA gemologists who examine the diamonds utilizing comparison masters. GIA’s nine-tiered rating system for color ranges from Faint to Fancy Vivid. Among the most famous colored diamonds are the Hope, a 45.52-carat blue diamond at the Smithsonian Institution – graded as Fancy Deep gray blue on the GIA scale – and the 41-carat Dresden Green Diamond, both fabled in their cultural history. 
     Naturally occurring colored diamonds, such as the Hope and Dresden, are very rare and therefore command top prices; diamonds that have been color-altered by laboratory treatment are less rare, and therefore less valuable. The “origin of color” of a colored diamond (that is, whether its color is natural or laboratory-treated) is disclosed on a GIA Grading Report."

To read more of the article, "The World's Fascination with Fancy Colored Diamonds" by GIA, CLICK HERE.


It's all about the WOW!


"Carat weight, color, clarity, and let’s face it, price, help you decide which diamond you like best, but you might not understand how your diamond’s cut – how its facets and angles are cut and polished − affects its overall appearance – its “Wow” factor.

A beautifully finished (cut) diamond is dazzling; every facet displays the craftsman’s skill and care. When it interacts with light, each facet and angle affects the amount of light returned to the eye. This is what gives a diamond its face-up appearance and what makes it appealing – or not."

To learn more about why cut is such an important factor for a diamond CLICK HERE to read more of the article, "Diamond Cut: The Wow Factor" by Amanda J. Luke from GIA.

"Cut (proportions, symmetry, and polish) is a measure of how a diamond’s facets interact with light."  (GIA)


My Jewel Shop Recycles Jewelry

Let us work our magic for you!!


Yes, Size Matters!

Everything you need to know before you buy a diamond.

     For the duration of this month I will focus my blog on diamond education. I want  you to become an informed consumer. You will hopefully gain the confidence you need when making a diamond purchase as well as appreciate what you own.  FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS! This is an opportunity to learn from the highest authority and resource in our industry...the Gemological Institute of America.  Be sure to share with friends and family.



Precious Moments

 Precious moments of the week with a heavy dose of feel good:

     Today we received a call from one of our elderly customers. She wanted to blog about us but didn't know how to publish what she wrote. (We believe she actually wanted to write a review). Out of sheer desperation, she sent this email:

     “ Hi Guys! I don’t know how to “blog” but I want to tell you how much you’ve meant to us over the years. I have been a professional artist for most of my life and I am now over 90 years old. I know what’s “Special”. Quite a few years ago I had a butterfly pin that perches on my shoulder. It was missing an antenna. Rob, a marvelous artist, made a new gold, tiny addition. It is beautiful. It now can open and fold its’ wings and “look beautiful” over all! Since then I have been in “Rob’s pocket” for any and all jewelry jobs, whether old or new. My husband lost his wedding ring and needed a replacement. No problem. Our son got engaged and “something special” was needed. Never a problem! My Jewel Shop has always been there for us. We thank you and love you.

                                                                                             Lorraine and Ben Alexander”

So when I read this, I thought, just precious…right? Felt really good. We thank and love you too Lorraine!  

Another moment in time:

    My sister, fellow orchid lover, came to visit Sunday, or should I rephrase and say made a delivery? The big orchid show at Longwood Gardens (where she volunteers) just ended and they sell off the exhibition plants, deeply discounted. She obviously was in an uncontrollable situation (for an addict). Let’s just say, I am now the proud owner of the most incredible collection of paphiopedilum orchids. I’ve lusted for and dreamt about various species…now I own them! I know it must have been hard for my sis to separate from these truly amazing wonders of nature. You can bet I'll be sharing my prize orchids as they blossom. It's always a challenge/most rewarding kind of relationship. I give them love and attention, they fulfill me with beautiful flowers (if I'm lucky). Thank you, sista Lisa, for taking me on this journey (hobby/addiction), with you. Where and who these beautiful orchids came from makes them even more precious to me.

Greatest moment:

    Our present unsettled world of politics, the economy, and terrorism, has had me frustrated in ways I find hard to describe. Watching the college basketball final Monday night transformed many of us to another world. Thank you North Carolina and congratulations Villanova for the most exhilarating, exciting, fantastic basketball game I've ever seen. What history...a precious memory indeed.  



      My first beautiful story is a parent thing. We have a 30 year old son living in Pittsburgh, (engaged to a fantastic woman), and a 27 year old daughter. I won't bore you with telling you how wonderful they are, (let's just leave it as blessed BEYOND words). Our daughter was off from her teaching job for a much needed spring break. Instead of heading "home" for her vacation, she and her boyfriend chose to spend 4 days in Pittsburgh visiting her brother and future sister-in law. By the way, our kids are total opposite personality types, yet they have that special sibling bond. As a parent, the joy of our  two adult children (I know, what an oxymoron), wanting to be together, totally warms my heart. What a beautiful feeling.

      My mother gave Rob money for his 65th birthday with the stipulation it be used for a special life experience. When I heard about the upcoming Broadway show of Carol King's life story, "Beautiful", bingo! That was it! I don't know how many of you share our feeling for Carol King and her music but she brings back memories that put a smile on my face. I invited my mother to join us but she declined. Fast forward. My cousin from California was going to be in town the day we had tickets for the show. We see so little of each other, I asked if she wanted to join us, and so she did... Mom was still a no go. Fast forward again. My cousin's daughter decided to also come east, new plan was she'd visit with my mother while the rest of us went to the theater. Until...a neighbor calls my mother the week of the show to ask if she wants to use an extra ticket she had. By now, the reviews were in... buzz was this production was outstanding. My mother wanted to go but didn't know what to do. I suggested, let's all go, and so we did. (By the way, flexibility is my middle name:). Needless to say, our seats were “so far away” from each other.

     This was Easter Sunday, lucky for us, the theater was not full. I knew where my mother was sitting so I decided to scout the situation. Sure enough there were empty seats in the same row as my mother, so three of us made the move just before lights out. You should have seen her utter shock when the lights came on at intermission and we were 6 seats away! Believe it or not, there was one more available seat in the same row, so all of us were "together" for the second act. I think some of my Karma was surfacing...what were the odds of this happening? All I can say is, this show was absolutely had "the earth move under my feet.” My mother stipulated she wanted us to have a life experience and this was so much more. All of us being together, seeing an incredible show production, hearing fantastic music, making forever family memories.....just so beautiful.

     I’m feeling like I should be talking a bit about jewelry. (I know, I’m all over the place.) We are often asked how one can maintain the beauty of their fine jewelry, on their own. Our web site is full of useful information on this topic, however, in reality, our professional equipment will always have the best results. My Jewel Shop welcomes you to stop in for a Spring cleaning, (no extended warranties needed, no cost to you). We are all about customer service. It gives us great pleasure to help make your jewelry, and your life, more beautiful.

     As I proofread and reflect on what I just wrote, I realize beauty can touch us in so many ways. How we define beauty, how we interpret beauty, how we view our "world"  is quite personal. Today, I ask all of you to open your eyes, open your mind, open your heart, and enjoy something “beautiful”.


What A World....

  I am overcome by sadness as I see the horrific events happening in our world today. It makes me question what defines human can we all be of the same species? How can people have absolutely no value for life? What went wrong? How do we fix this? So many questions, without any real answers. My heart bleeds for the injured victims and those who feel the pain and suffering from the loss of someone they loved. As terrifying as all this is, I feel really frustrated and angry. As my way of retaliation, I am even more compelled to value my freedom and cherish every single day.
     What a gift today's weather is! The instant gratification and rewards of being an avid gardener give me such pleasure. I absolutely live for spring! Every day new life sprouts up and grows taller and taller...this really excites me!. Soon I'll be "moving things around", better known as transplanting, as I try to control myself from planting annuals and vegetables too early (Primex Nursery is a happy place for me). I so enjoy the time I spend gardening. I love the fresh smell of dirt, the sounds of nature, the exercise (I'm hard core when it comes to gardening), the beautification of our property, and the closeness I feel to my Dad. His artistic genes have spread to his children and he continues to live within me. Gardening is another way of expressing my's like a full course meal for my soul. If any of you ever need help, motivation, advice, or inspiration, just reach out, I'm here for you. So what am I doing now? Feeling the need to get out there and experience the beauty of this day!

Today's gifts from our garden:

       On my bucket list is to work (actually I'd rather just volunteer) for a florist, making container gardens and floral arrangements. I would LOVE having all kinds of beautiful plants and fresh flowers to "play " with. My container gardening skills have been challenged, as I always try to beautify Jenkintown by making My Jewel Shop's store front visually appealing. Hopefully I inspire some of you to give gardening a try. It is times like these we must find balance...stop for a moment, look around you, breathe in. Enjoy the beauty nature and gardener hobbyists create, to share, with the kind of world I want to be living in.


Blooms from our home to yours!

Bling it On!

A Bit of History:
     When I was hired in 1977, My Jewel Shop was one of the few custom design jewelry stores in the area. I was a young enthusiastic employee, with a passion to learn everything I could. There was no limit to my opportunities, and I was exposed to every aspect of the business. The more educated I became, the more I fell in love with the jewelry industry. Our unique ability to marry nature with man’s talent and create wearable art to last for generations is creatively rewarding, as well as sentimentally beautiful.
     My very first jewelry trade show at the enormous Javits Center in New York City was an experience I will NEVER forget. Just imagine walking into a convention center filled with thousands of jewelry manufacturers from all over the world bringing the best of what they do. I was blown away! There were no words for the beauty and creativity our industry was capable of. There were no words for the amount of value in merchandise within one building. There were no words for the incredible diamonds and color gemstones. I was completely sucked into the AMAZING world of jewelry!

  Forty years later:
     Our day began very early (daylight savings…even lost an hour!), doggie drop off, Wawa to caffeinate, and we were in New York when the trade show opened at 10. This year they combined three trade shows into one. My first stop was to treasure hunt for beads/pearls and who knows what, so Mary and I can create fabulous necklaces combining all kinds of cool stuff. I never know what I will find, and I somewhat design while I shop to be sure I have all the elements. I always buy way too much, spend much more than I expect, but never have regrets once we start creating the necklaces. Just writing this blog and talking about the beads gets my heart racing! Next were gemstone dealers to tempt us with natures finest. Even using my self control, (I’m soooo weak when it comes to gemstones), I had to buy too much. These will be used for the My Jewel Shop one-of-a-kind pieces. It is these stones that get my creative juices over flowing. People sometimes wonder if I ever run out of design ideas…NEVER!
     Next was looking for specific customer needs…we love being your personal shopper! 
While walking the show these amazing carved gemstone birds caught my eye. Rob is a bit superstitious when it comes to birds (blame Hungarians). Let’s just say, stop in if you want to see the coolest carved gemstone birds ever! Had some appointments with our favorite companies (felt good to sit down), and bought great new merchandise. Pink gold is definitely hot! Checked into our hotel (view of the city and the Hudson River!!!!!), and dinner at an awesome Italian restaurant with my bestie, ended day one of our buying trip. Day two we continued our search for customer calls, did more buying and found a few new companies we expect to do business with in the future. We were done at 3:30 and made it through the Lincoln Tunnel by 4! No New York TRAFFIC!! An absolutely PERFECT trip!
     What didn’t feel good on this trip, was to see our industry shrinking right before our eyes. Instead of thousands of exhibitors, there are hundreds. Our show guide used to be thick like a telephone book, now it’s more like a booklet. Today, so much jewelry is computer generated and goldsmiths like Rob are a dying breed. The younger generations do not want to learn the jewelry trade. They do not want to learn how to engrave jewelry, they do not want to learn how to fix watches. This frightens me.
     My Jewel Shop would never be able to give the service we offer our customers, if there was no Rob. His golden hands are what drives our business and separates us from the big box stores. My hope is, as our industry continues to shrink, some will choose to continue the old school trade. We must recognize and have a better appreciation for the talent and ability necessary to create beautiful wearable art…known to us, as jewelry. This is an industry that must never die! 


Linda "Explores America"

     Fast week...soooo much to tell. No worries, I'm focused. Because of my passion for plants, orchids, and nature I must share my unexpected experience this week, that resulted in a check mark off my bucket list, (yes, l'll admit my list is rather long😊.)
    My Jewel Shop entered the window display contest sponsored by the Philadelphia Flower Show for all the "wrong" reasons. Mine was for the free tickets to the flower show and theme to change out our window displays for spring (ironically, it was snowing the day I did this!) To say I wasn't feeling competitive is an understatement. I never read the whole packet explaining the details. For me, it was all about the personal challenge, my crazy visions, and with the help of Rob and Mary, making them reality. When I finished the window displays I had already won...personal satisfaction rules!
    Thursday, before the opening of the Philadelphia Flower Show, participants of the contest were invited to an awards ceremony at the convention center...also where you get the free tickets. My incredible 80+ year old mother and I attend the presentation. I learned there was so much more to the competition than I knew, like categories, use of materials, etc. (so much for not reading the instructions.) Coming in 16 out of 85 in the Facebook category was something to be proud of, for a first try!
    Here's where my Karma philosophy comes in. Every time I've seen the Flower Show, I always wondered how they make the convention center transform into the most spectacular, natural, theme based environments. After the presentation we walked (snuck) down the hallway looking for a window to peek down at the exhibit area.  I found an unlocked room with giant windows overlooking the exhibit area. I was freaking out! Had my phone shooting lots of pictures. We reluctantly left the third floor by escalator and where does it bring us? Right in front of the main entrance of the show! I'm not one to be shy, so I go over to the security person and ask if we could go inside to take a few pictures. Let's just say, I had reason to make that check mark. OMG! Floating on cloud nine, we head over to lunch at Reading Terminal Market...turned my mother onto Sang Kee Shrimp dumplings, and bought my first Beiler's donuts. Did you ever have a better than perfect day?
    Monday, Rob and I went to the show (for free!) Just the transformation from Thursday afternoon to the final "production",  blew me away. I seriously think some of the exhibitors did not sleep until the opening. The amount of work in such a short time is nothing short of magical. I think this year is a favorite.
    So what did I learn? I love Karma, I love challenges and I love better than perfect days.


March Madness!

Today is the day I take a monumental step...I am losing my blog virginity. For three years I've talked about blogging. I think starting is definitely the hardest part. I am from that in-between technology generation (turning 60), where on a regular basis I question the definition of progress versus sanity.

     So why am I writing this blog? Because I am a doer kind of a person with lots of interests, experiences and knowledge to share. What are some of my many interests? Family (SOOO blessed), parenting (best years of my life), animals (of all kinds, prefer fur,  but I'm the kind of person that feels the need to nurture anything living), gardening, nature, and plants (my sister got me started with orchids and it's a sickness:)), cooking (OMG do I have recipes to share), and all forms of art (including making new discoveries from my inner pool of talent...thanks Dad!).

     Where I spend most of my energy is owning a jewelry business with my husband, Rob. He is a goldsmith, and together we create intergenerational connections through fine jewelry. (I am proudly one of those sentimental fools).

I just LOVE harmonizing diamonds, color gemstones, and metal, into wearable art designs. I will share my passion for My Jewel Shop, Inc. and honestly answer any questions you may have (that includes the good, the bad, and the ugly), about the jewelry industry and related topics.

     I'm thinking next time we'll do some history, where and when stuff,  so we can start to connect the dots. We all know how small this world really is. Life is full of stories to share. Retail is full of stories to share. I'm full of stories to share...all with a twist of Linda humor, at no extra charge (I LOVE bargains!).

     Wow! It's done! My first blog! I finally did it! Personally, I'm feeling elated. Blogging didn't hurt one bit. With as many interests as I have you will never know where my mind will travel. I'm thinking this will be an incredibly fun journey.